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The following post was originally published on the LGBT Community Forum, QueerID. The original post (and any replies) can be read by clicking here. Hey all, Scott here! So, I’m starting this event topic as (hopefully) a semi-permanent, regularly-updated post, letting you guys (and gals!) know about what’s to be expected on the radio show every […]

As the Local, European and Bye-Elections are taking place soon, Scott invited two openly gay politicians, Lisa Connell and Erik Eblana (both Independent candidates), to come into the RTÉ Pulse studios to have a chat! Politics can be a confusing enough topic without throwing the topic of LGBT Rights into the conversation, but Lisa Connell […]

Hey guys and gals, The Cosmo has been doing well so far, but now it’s time to mix things up a bit! 😉 Here at RTÉ Pulse, we’re always looking for new talent to promote, and to give the chance for national and international exposure and media coverage. Are you a DJ who performs regularly on […]

RTÉ Pulse have issued an apology to listeners of new radio show for the gay & lesbian community, “The Cosmo,” for ‘technical errors’ during the show’s broadcast on the 10th of December. The show – due to have started at 8pm – failed to commence at the scheduled time. When it did more than an hour later, […]

The topic of the amount of speech on the show has come into question from gay forum, and I’d like to use this blog to publicly address the issue: As it stands at the moment, the show’s content is 98% music. This is because the show is still trying to find its feet in […]

By this stage, the second programme has been broadcast on RTÉ Pulse, and already I’ve had feedback from listeners from Galway, all the way over to Munich!! Because of that, I gotta say a big thank you to those who have tuned in so far and have let me know what they think of the […]

Just a quick update on radio matters! The name of the show has been decided – “The Cosmo” – and I’m hoping to have the first programme launched by the Wednesday, 12th November, from 6-8pm RTÉ Pulse. This will be just one of three shows aimed at the LGBT community in Ireland that RTÉ Radio […]