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The following post was originally published on the LGBT Community Forum, QueerID. The original post (and any replies) can be read by clicking here. Hey all, Scott here! So, I’m starting this event topic as (hopefully) a semi-permanent, regularly-updated post, letting you guys (and gals!) know about what’s to be expected on the radio show every […]

Ever since taking up this job with RTÉ radio, working on a show aimed at the gay community, I’ve become much more aware of what’s going on around me in terms of gay rights, especially regarding gay civil marriage. For those reading this from outside of Ireland, let me explain that gay marriage is not […]

RTÉ Pulse, one of RTÉ’s 5 new stations for DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), is set to launch a programme aimed at the LGBT community in Ireland. This will be the first show of its kind on a national level, and who’ll be presenting it…? Yours truly, of course!! That’s right, RTÉ Radio have asked me […]