Music/Talk Content on the Show


The topic of the amount of speech on the show has come into question from gay forum, and I’d like to use this blog to publicly address the issue:

As it stands at the moment, the show’s content is 98% music. This is because the show is still trying to find its feet in terms of music style, and how well it gels in with the other shows on RTÉ Pulse.

HOWEVER, from January 7th (the first show of the new year), there will be an increased about of speech – I’ll be conducting interviews, getting a few vox pops on issues and topics of interest to the LGBT community, and giving out listings of social events taking place on the various gay scenes around Ireland.

Keep in mind, however, that the show is being broadcast on a commercial dance music station. Therefore, don’t expect to hear a show along the lines of Joe Duffy’s, because that’s not possible to do when the likes of Tiesto is playing in the background.

I’d love to do something that was mainly talk-based, but it was RTÉ Pulse (the dance station) that offered me the gig of presenting a gay-orientated show, so I’m still trying to find a balance between staying in the style of a dance station, and facilitating the LGBT community.

As I said, the amount of talk content will greatly improve from the new year on, but bear with me.


Read the QueerID thread for yourself at


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