Bad Week for UCD LGBT


The gay life seemed to be all over the papers in UCD this week, and for all the wrong reasons…

As I was making my way through the college campus today, I noticed the recent edition of the UCD independant newspaper, the College Tribune, with its front page headline:

Dire Warning Issued Over UCD Gay Crusing

Oh Lord, I thought to myself as I picked up a copy of the newspaper, this isn’t going to be good. And it wasn’t; according to the newspaper, certain areas on the Belfield campus have been noted on a popular gay crusing site as “one of the best spots” for men to find other men for sex. At the time of its publication, the newspaper found the particular webpage discussing UCD crusing spots to have had 37,152 views since 2005.

Crusing is one of those areas of gay culture that I could never get my head around; maybe it’s because I came out when I was 15, so the idea of having to look for someone to have sex with in a dirty toilet cubicle never needed to come into my head.
The national gay youth organisation, BeLonG To, claimed in the newspaper feature ‘that crusing is no longer the only option given the decriminalisation of homosexuality,’ yet one must keep in mind that the generation that a lot, if not the majority of students currently attend third-level never experienced homosexuality as ever being criminalised. I was 4 (roughly) when it was decriminalised in Ireland, so I wasn’t really paying attention to it before that time, I was more concerned with which Lego set I could build next.

With this in mind (the generational point, not the Lego), why would so many men find themselves having to carry out homosexual ‘activities’ in secluded areas, when they have the right to be themselves?

Or, is this right only a legal one? Would Irish society still prefer gay people to remain unnoticed? Are these people who partake in crusing victims of Irish prejudices? If this is the case, I hardly have any sympathy for them, as it is these people’s activities who result in scandal for the majority of the LGBT community not only in UCD or Dublin, but in Ireland as a whole.

It wasn’t just gay crusing that made its way into the paper, as a Halloween costume seemed to go terribly wrong, with the title:

LGBT Auditor insists no apology needed for costume

The College Tribune reported the scandal that arose from the auditor of the UCD LGBT Society, Seán McGovern (written as Sean Brophy for some bizarre reason), in his choice of costume for Halloween this year; abortion, or to be more precise, an aborted foetus.

His costume consisted of fake blood, a black refuse sack and a piece of cardboard with “I went to Romania and all I got was this backstreet abortion” written on it.

Needless to say, his actions caused fractions within the LGBT Society, as well as causing ripples throughout UCD, leading to the interview with McGovern in the independant newspaper.

Even though I’ve spoken to McGovern personally about this issue, I cannot use any of what he has said to me in this blog, as he was unaware that I was going to write about the event (I didn’t know myself until I saw the newspaper a few minutes ago!). However, I will say that even though I can understand his reasons for ‘dressing up’ as he did, I cannot condone his actions in the slightest. His actions were – in my opinion – distasteful and irresponsible, especially as he presently holds a position of authority amongst the LGBT community in the university.

The issue is yet to be resolved.


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  1. 1 Digital Watermark

    I remember an article about cruising in UCD in a college newspaper when I was in UCD 2 years ago.

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